Should Be the First Entry!

A recent post regarding mass feeding of groups caught a lot of attention. Most of the responses were positive but many were critical. Logistics is something that we need to address in the III community.

For years now the focus in our community has been on tactical preparation. Heck many of the III web sites actively support those who provide tactical training. Tactical training certainly plays a role in preparing for what might happen.

Some of the sites talk about the historical efforts of the OSS and our current SF teams. Yes, motivated and trained groups of folks certainly have and will continue to achieve a lot. What is often ignored is that those groups had and have the huge advantage of government logistical support via air drop or other means. Personal experience shows that it’s easier to train and “buy” loyalty when you are feeding, arming and paying the folks!

Lately there seems to be a welcome addition to the tactical training in the guise of communications training and intelligence preparation. Both very needed and it’s great that people are recognizing that there is more to the fight than merely pulling a trigger. Sparks and Culper are to be applauded for their efforts on our behalf.


Logistics Thoughts

Getting adequate amounts of food is going to be a huge challenge. But it isn’t enough. Knowing how to prepare it, dispense it and maintain field sanitation is critical. Recipes that depend on #10 cans probably isn’t enough. What is the largest group you’ve ever had to feed day in and day out?

Who in your team knows how to fix vehicles? And I mean old school mechanics who aren’t merely parts swappers. Travel to India, Russia or Mexico sometime and you’ll find plenty of shops with folks who can fix almost any vehicle problem.

Do you have folks on your team that can fabricate parts for your broken weapons? Check out the videos of the current fights in the middle east and discover folks that are not as sophisticated as us making improvised weapons, bombs, etc. in a garage. And I’m not talking about 3-D printers!

Repairing electronics is not as easy as it sounds. Back in the day electronic smart folks could repair things. Nowadays, if parts are available, it’s pretty much all parts swapping. Does your team have electronics smart folks to repair and fabricate things?