Required Homework

As we continue to grow this blog, we’ll be doing a lot of discussion on what’s needed.  We’ll be using the classes of supply to identify those items.

For the sake of the discussion, lets use a few ground rules.

This is a brainstorming exercise.  There isn’t necessarily any right or wrong.

Lets do our initial planning unconstrained.  In other words lets identify requirements without thinking about moving it, storing it, or even knowing how to use it.  For example, we can probably all agree that some mechanism for resupplying our bullets is needed.  A reloading setup is a solution.  We should identify it as a possible need, even if we don’t have one or we don’t know how to use one.  Those are later issues.

As we come up with the “what” we need, we’ll come up with the “how much” we need and how to replenish our stocks as later issues.

Let’s start with Class I.

Let the cussing and discussing begin!


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